The Tour of Gondwana

A Global Bicycle Journey
With a Southern Disposition

by Michael Ayers

May 4, 02005 through August 22, 02008

There are four sections of my site:

The Original Site ~Go there~

A conspectus of my thoughts and goals, as I knew them, before the Tour began. Includes descriptions of my planned routes, the bike I used and the gear I took along, as well as my thoughts on touring in general, and summaries of all my previous tours. This was the section of the site that was live before, and during, the Tour.

The Post-Tour Site ~Go there~

A compendium of photographs, Tour logs, and chronicles of the five Stages of the Tour. Also included are the posts I wrote while the Tour was underway.

Thoughts of Gondwana ~Go there~

A collection of articles on the various subjects that I found interesting during forty months of cycling around the world. Some are specific to the Tour itself, while others deal with broader topics.

The Tour of Gondwana Slideshows ~Go there~

A complete recap of the the five Stages of Tour in 13 1/2 hours of video slideshows As of July 02013, available as streaming video for increased viewing convenience.